25 mai 2020

J'ai vu un Croco [video]


A few weeks ago, during the covid19 'Lockdown', the French Radio 'NOVA' asked us to record a NEW VERSION of the song J'ai vu un Croco (from our previous album Speculatio) and to make a video on it.

We decided to take up the challenge with the means at hand and record and cut this 'Lockdown video project' shot with a simple phone at home in 3 days.

As the 4 members of Odessey & Oracle were isolated in different places with no way to get together, Alice and Roméo sent Fanny and Guillaume some video rushes which have been integrated into the video.

Here is this new version of J'ai vu un Croco. More synthetic and electronic than the original one, the arrangement brings us in the time of the pionneers of 'electronic pop' in the 70's (Kraftwerk's Autobahn…).


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